Why do you charge a design fee?

Many showrooms offer free design services, but their service is limited to what they sell. We design with every component in the space taken into consideration.

Between the initial and follow up meetings, we may have logged 10, 20, even 30 hours depending on the scope of the project.

I have decided to work with another builder. Do I have to buy the plans from you?

No. If you decide to have us design your project, you are entitled to the plans and all product specifications required to complete your project.

Why should using SketchUp for 3D modeling matter to me?

Once the onsite measurements are entered and the model created, at our future design meetings the model can be manipulated on the spot to reflect your preferences. Every facet of the project can be documented in 3D.

Follow along with the design process by downloading the free version of SketchUp and "spin the room" at home. (Available for Windows and Mac desktops. There is a charge for the tablet and mobile versions)

Can you achieve the look I'm after?

We have learned by experience that the final product is the intersection between a client's preferences and the designer's tendencies. It is important to work with a designer you feel comfortable with no matter the style.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, but it's not a retail showroom, it's a design studio. We typically meet with our clients first in their home, then follow up meetings will be at our studio by appointment.

There may be intermittent visits to your home with our contractors to make sure the project can be built as designed.

Can you just help me select tile or cabinetry?

Yes, many times there are a few unanswered questions preventing you from moving forward. Sometimes a showroom consultation or a 3D model of the project is all you need to make the right decision.


How much should I expect to spend in my type of house?

The formula breaks down when the homes get too small or too large, but if you count on 20% of the value of the house for a kitchen and 10% for a master bath you should have a reasonable budget. It also depends on your goals. If you plan on staying in your home another 5 years or more, spend a little more. If you're looking to sell in a year or two then spend less.

Another barometer we use is cost per square foot. Our bathrooms typically range from $300 to $500 per square foot but have gone much higher depending on the addition of luxury features.

How much do your bathrooms typically cost?

The following estimates are for design and build, remodeling only (no new construction)

So many factors go into the final number but expect a guest bath to run between $18,000 and $32,000 or a large master bath with more luxury features to go upwards of $40,000. It would be best to call for a free in home visit instead of relying on these general ranges.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, as a convenience. And we add 3% to the invoice to cover the processing charges and merchant fees.

We received a lower quote from someone else. Will you compete with their price?

We do not do competitive bidding. We are certain that we are not the least expensive firm in this metro area and believe that the quality and thoroughness of our installations justifies our pricing.

How do I know how much to pay and when?

If you will be contracting us to build your project, you will get a payment schedule along with a copy of your signed contract. To begin the design process, we expect to be paid half when we come to measure the space and the final half on the completion of the plans.

Can I use your accounts to buy my product?

No. We have worked hard to establish our relationship with our vendors. Should you decide to work with us, we will share a portion of our discount with you.

What if I change my mind in the middle of the project?

Depending on which aspect of the project is changing, we will give you a quote for the changes and issue an invoice or credit memo depending on the change.


Why do I even need a set of plans?

Good design isn't just picking out coordinated product and finishes. A good set of plans solidifies and completes the three way relationship between homeowner, designer and contractors. A basic set of plans is usually required by every city in order to pull a building permit. A basic set would include a floor plan, mechanical plan and elevations.

I'm just doing a simple face lift in my kitchen/bathroom. Can I get a small set of drawings just to show what I want.

Yes, they will still be in the same format and have the same look as our regular set of plans but will be much more limited in scope. Also, they may not show interactions between different aspects of the project. Such as how electrical outlet placement will affect a tile installation on a backsplash.

I'm a DIY'er. Do your plans tell me how to build it?

No. We do not specify installation methods or the phase order of the project. We are available on a consultation basis for a fee to help you through the process.


I have my own builder. Can we work together?

We have designed many projects that we have not built. We provide a full set of design plans and consult with your builder to ensure success. We have also designed projects out of state using teleconferencing.

How long will it take?

A small simple bathroom can be from 6 to 8 weeks. A larger, more complicated bathroom, can take up to 12 weeks. A full kitchen remodel can take from 10 to 12 weeks.

Holidays, inspection schedules and weather can all contribute to the project lasting longer than anticipated.

Why isn't anyone here working on my project?

There are phases of the project in which there is nothing that can be done, in the case of waiting for inspections, or there is something that could be done but wouldn't be productive. It's always best to maximize the efforts of contractors to get the most done in the fewest amount of trips.

There are also times when a custom measured product has to be fabricated before installation such as shower glass enclosures and solid surface countertops.
Finally, you feel relief.

But you realize that there’s no toilet paper. And it’s a long… long way to the hall closet.

We can help with that.


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